Kokinos Builders
Sophisticated Structures, Timeless Designs
CSLB #932612
Vascular Surgery Center

Kokinos Builders specializes in and has significant experience in the construction of high end medical office and surgery center tenant improvement projects. Our portfolio of projects includes a Vascular surgery center, Sleep Study and Neurology Center, Ultrasound Testing Lab, Medi-Spa and Dental office. We are experienced in delivering projects in very tight time frames against exacting technical specifications while creating elegant and sophisticated suites catering to the most demanding requirements of our clients. One of our signature upgrades is our use of Venetian Plaster and Stone finishes to create an environment of elegant sophistication seldom seen outside of the most elite high end custom homes of the Silicon Valley and surrounding communities.

Please take a moment to browse through some of our projects to see first hand the work we have done. We invite you and or any of your colleagues to give us a call if you or they are thinking about upgrading an existing medical and or dental office or are planning to relocate into a new facility. We would be honored to share our experiences and capabilities for helping create a beautiful practice center that you will be proud of for years to come. 

Working with Kokinos Builders you can be confident that we understand facilities reimbursement structures and are able to help you achieve the certifications needed to secure these payments. As your partner in creating a beautiful space you can rest comfortably that we have been here before and can deliver in ways that deliver significant value to both your practice and to your patients.